The Roles of the BPF Pipes Group

Core Purpose

At the core of its activities, the BPF Pipes Group is dedicated to promoting the development, acceptance and usage of manufactured plastic piping systems at all levels in the Building, Construction, Civil and Utilities Industries. 

This embraces the full spectrum of above and below ground applications, including:

  • Rainwater Systems
  • Soil & Waste Pipework
  • Hot & Cold Water for Internal Plumbing
  • Pipework for Radiator and Underfloor Heating Systems
  • Underground Drains and Sewers
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS)
  • Pipework for Land Drainage
  • Ducting for Cabling and Communications Alongside Highways
  • Pressure Pipes for Water and Gas Mains Distribution 

International Representation

The BPF Pipes Group team, as well as representatives of its member organisations, also regularly contribute to the work and debate of international bodies wherever this is relevant to UK industry interests. 

The BPF Pipes Group is a founder member of TEPPFA.  It also seeks to ensure an active representative presence at any international forum whose agenda could impact on the UK industry. 

Monitoring and Developing Standards

Standards are at the core of our business, by working on producing high quality standards (BS’s, BS EN’s, WIS’s, BBA’s etc.) and ensuring our products are third party certified to these standards, users and specifiers are assured our products are fit for purpose. 

A crucial role for the BPF Pipes Group – both at home and abroad – is participation in the committee structures which review and develop British, European and International standards. BPF Pipes Group members, through the BPF Pipes Group, engage actively in the writing of standards. The BPF Pipes Group is therefore at the heart of the process of defining the accepted practices for the use of plastic piping systems – and of managing desirable adjustment to those standards whenever technological progress or changes in statutory regimes require it. 

All members are committed to producing high quality products with third party approval to these standards. 

Serving the Information Needs of Members

In addition to representation of their interests, the BPF Pipes Group is also concerned to keep its members fully up-to-date with developments – technological, statutory, regulatory or practical – which relate to the industry as a whole rather than to individual company interests. 

To this end, the BPF Pipes Group provides a full technical advisory service to its member manufacturers – and, through those members, to the specifiers, installers and stockists of their products.  This may include, for example, disseminating details, interpretation and evaluation of newly-established standards relating to plastic piping system applications.   

Advice is also provided, in the form of guidance notes. These cover such topics as the principles of Good Practice in the application, usage and installation of plastic piping systems; and advice pertinent to live issues in the public domain – of which the Environment and recycling are notable subjects. 

Health and Environmental Responsibility 

The BPF Pipes Group monitors reports on the impact of plastic piping systems on the environment and human health. TEPPFA commissioned an independent study by the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) to measure the environmental footprint of various plastic piping systems based on life-cycle assessment. The work was validated by the Denkstatt sustainability consultancy in Austria and confirmed an excellent environmental performance of plastic piping sytems for utilities and building applications. 

Ensuring Accurate Representation in the Press for Plastic Pipes 

The BPF Pipes Group monitors references to the performance of plastic piping systems to ensure accuracy of articles and to represent the collective interests of its members.