Application Groups

Under the directive of the BPF Pipes Group Council are three Application Groups to discuss and work on current issues. Chairpersons are appointed by Council from within BPF Pipes Group membership:

Plastic piping systems are widely used throughout Europe within the Building Services and Civils and Utilities industries. Improvements in manufacturing and installation technology, expertise and costs, flexibility, longevity, noise and heat insulation properties, good safety record and adherence to published standards have resulted in an increased market share within these areas.

The cost benefits of using a plastic system have come to the fore as traditional metal raw material costs have escalated. The benefit of lower and more stable pricing, combined with installation benefits such as flexibility, reduced number of joints on site and reduced time to joint can deliver an overall reduction in total installed costs. Application of and adherence to industry and product performance standards ensures consistently high quality product and installation.

The BPF Pipes Group also works closely with Industry regulators, testing bodies and related trade bodies and associations to ensure quality is maintained, new applications are rigorously tested and all stakeholders are fully informed about relevant ways of working and installation standards.

Plastics pipe systems are also proving to deliver in the areas of sustainability, environmental impact and energy efficiency.