Plastic Piping Systems for Hydrogen Fuel Gas Networks

This position statement has been issued by the BPF Pipes Group (June 2023).

The hydrogen economy forms a key strategic element within the UK governments 2050 Net Zero plan.  It can contribute to zero emissions at the point of use in domestic and industrial heat applications, as well as the transport sector.  It can make an important contribution to national efforts to achieve the net zero goal with other technologies.

To distribute hydrogen to the point of use, polyethylene pressure rated pipe and fitting systems will be used.  This is not new, such pipes have been used with hydrogen and hydrogen blends around the world for many years, safely and reliably.  The key bit, technically, is that pipe materials have been characterised in relation to time, temperature and stress, for example to ISO 9080 to give predictable performance.

In a UK context, looking at residential heating, the introduction of hydrogen to existing networks is initially in the form of a blend with natural gas to levels of around 20% hydrogen. New networks with 100% hydrogen at inception are being introduced, with the option in the future to convert existing networks. The UK has extensive experience and expertise in repurposing pipeline networks to cleaner gas options.

The full Position Statement can be downloaded here Hydrogen Fuel Gas Networks